7 Angels 7 Plagues - Someday

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[Lyrics by M. Mixon]

Some nights it really gets to me
and this right now is killing me

Unsure as forever
With eyes so wide
It's as clear as day

A wavering frightened glance
Promise not to cry
One tear's released the flood
Sorrow blinks to brightness of day

Be strong
I faked a smile
that crumbled
under Sunday morning's sky
10,000 times
for days run over forever
in my mind

But middle ground has given way
and where to step is now
what I face

No one to have
No hand to hold

I suppress my position
as a means to silence the truth

Tormented by my every undying devotion to you
I cry terrified the truth will never calm
But for now if I can just push on and forget
all will be alright

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