Frailty - Silent Winter

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Stain my eyes with guilt
One winter's day it all be gone
Bless the mournful eve
One secret kiss and shame to feel
The bleak that I must know
And passion lost beneath the sea
For I am the silver blade
To cut you deep and fade with thee
God to raise the weak
Again this rain and hate in me
Grief fall on every man
An endless pain in shadow's sleep

Lost within the hateful visions.
Strangled child in the crowd of liars.
Whores stripping before me.
Inside the walls of this mighty castle
The frost bites deep the trembling soul.
Agony is poured upon the silent winter
Where are you now, my true Lord?
White snow like heaven's saddest tears

All mercy fading inside the wretched heart
Slay my emotion and cry to my death
Feel the chill inside the desolate soul
Wasteland of frozen thorns

Bear the light, the lonesome flame
Into the night to rise the day
Choking fool to gather the rays
Death is love and all in vein

Silent winter's day
One touch to see the pain is real
Cry for life once lost
A drop of blood on pure white snow

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